A New Blog

July 26, 2018

My hometown bedroom where I used to blog years ago.

I’ve decided to keep a blog again.

I’d like a place to share my thoughts, outtakes, personal work, experiments and to keep a record of sorts.

I’m hoping it motivates me to be more proactive and positive.

I moved back to the UK with Becky in March 2017 and we decided on London (N16), a city with a greater amount of opportunities and which lacks the visa complications of Sydney. I miss Sydney and the lifestyle, but there is something attractive about living and working in London.

We’ve had an eventful 16 months since moving back: we got married in January and had memorable, long honeymoon travelling Italy in June. I’ve had some health issues since the start of the year which have set me back significantly. I might write about these things down the line if and when it feels right.

I’d love feedback and want to make this blog as transparent and interactive as possible. I hope I can make some posts that interest people.


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