Tuesday August 14th 2018

August 14, 2018

A still summer night in London. T70 / Portra 400.

I’m up in Scotland again and tomorrow I meet my new niece, Aoife! It seems like the next generation of our family appeared out of nowhere and all of a sudden there’s loads of kids and they’re all fab. Living in London, I don’t get to see enough of any of them but it’s better than when we lived in Sydney, as we’d only see the family once a year, at Christmas.

I’ve been shooting some portraits and tests recently and feel re-energised and creatively productive. I also feel less precious about what I should be doing and in the mood to take on all types of work. This year I want to drop any pretence and be myself without guilt.

Activities like running, reading and gardening all feed into a positive mindset and the more I do, the more I’m able to do.

Lots of fun things planned while we are up in Edinburgh and, like always, it will be over in a flash and we’ll be back on the train to London. Dinners, baby meetings and festival shows fit into a couple of days.

Alexis gave me a few of her gorgeous plates that were broken in transit and I got some two-part epoxy to join them. It worked well and they seem to be really solid under pressure, but now i need to remove the excess. I hear open razor blades are recommended, but stanley blades barely worked for me. I was looking at small planes and tried sandpaper but nothing working yet. Hopefully I’ll figure it out so I can start using them.

What have you been working on in your free time?


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