One Second Every Day 2022

December 31, 2022

Michael Chalmers in front of a Gerhard Richter painting at the Tate Modern, December 2022

Last year on Boxing Day I made the snap decision to record one second every day for a year. It made me think of Noah Kalina at the time.

It’s amazing to see my year in this way. It makes me happy to remember all the things I got up to; my memory is terrible and I wish I’d done this before now. I also could have used completely different clips to show a very different year. I forgot to record a lot and had to fill in the gaps as best I could but I’m impressed how well it came together.

It’s surprising how such short clips can tell such a story and throw me back into the moment. Can you imagine having one of these for every year you’d been alive? Every year of your parents’ lives?

I use the free version of 1SE on iPhone (the limitations are perfect for my purposes but I would like to remove their branding), which makes this all simple and automatic. The only difficult part is remembering to film one second every day (at least), however you can paper the gaps with images and live photos.

Seeing them at the end of a year has rejuvenated my interest and I’ve been consciously making short videos, ready for next year’s compilation.


I Made a Calculator

September 12, 2020

Screencap of my calculator
Screencap of my calculator

I made a calculator from scratch and I’m proud of it.

I built it using JavaScript, HTML and CSS and it’s the first time I’ve developed something without a guide or researching or having a structure or anything in place.

After I built it I had to test it and discovered issues like when you add more than one number. Or decimal places were working but not when it was zero point something. So I had to go back to my code and diagnose and fix these, which I found very simple because I knew all the code and what it was doing.

It’s also in dark mode so you feel cool.

Fun exercise but it’s a little daunting that this is only the third project of the App Challenge I’m working through. I think there’s 100 and they get harder as you go along.

Try it here: My Calc

Let me know if you find any bugs! You can see the code here: GitHub.


Making Apps

September 8, 2020

To expand on my last post a little, I’ve started working my way through this App Ideas Collection, in addition to client projects (photography and web). I find making apps like these helps me apply learning and problem-solve.

My 2nd project - a border radius preview and code generator app
My 2nd project – a border radius preview and code generator app

I’ve been freelancing for a few years and the work I get can vary. I now feel like many of my interests and skills are consolidating into something tangible, so my goal is to translate this into a vocation.

I’m also just happy I got these to work and wanted to show them off.

My 1st app, turn binary to decimals or vice-versa.
My 1st app, turn binary to decimals or vice-versa.

I’ll be making apps from the list moving forward and adding them to my Github repository.

  • Try the Border Radius Preview and Generator App here
  • Try the Binary to Decimal App here