I’ve Always Liked Zines

October 10, 2019

Four zines on my workbench

Zines have always appealed to me: the autonomy of creative vision, the hand-made aesthetics, the culture, the physicality.

Zines are an accessible way to share artistic projects, passions and practically anything you can think of.

For me, zines are a smart thing to give to people in your creative community, clients and colleagues. They are more likely to be kept and treasured by the recipient.

I like when they are connected to an art project, like Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry zine and all the Tom Sachs zines that accompany his works and exhibitions (and other things).

I love the photocopy culture, the punk connections and the political intentions.

So, I am concurrently working on different zines that will hopefully see the light of day later in the year or throughout 2020. I don’t like discussing projects before I have things to show, but I’m planning on discussing different things in the blog in the future so thought it would be appropriate.

Sharing my ideas now would be a little premature, but it’s likely that I’ll make one based on my adventures in Shooting Instant Film on Medium Format, at some point.

I pulled out some zines I own for the image above, these are:

Do you own any Zines? Have you had a go at making them? I’d love to hear from others and their experiences with buying or making them and how it worked out.