Project Ideas

An ongoing list of ideas that I’d like to make using photography, printmaking, filmmaking, electronics, Arduino, web development, etc.

Bigger Ideas

  • Motorised standalone instax rollers
  • Automated colour film processing unit
  • Fully-enclosed and automated Pentax 67II / Instax(wide?) Back

Smaller Ideas

  • Updated 4-image 3-D analogue camera
  • Pre-developed negatives manipulations and scanning
  • Scanning people, faces, other bio-based things
  • Arduino lights programmed for slow-shutter portraits
  • Manipulating and digitising VHS errors, noise etc.
  • Automatic daily overhead picture of my project desk
  • Galadriel and Tyrell Corp Eyes lighting rig
  • Red eye rig shot on still film
  • Photogrammerty images of people
  • DIY negative holders for enlarger (6×7 and 6×4.5)
  • Facial manipulation ala Chris Chunningham’s Mental Wealth
  • Product-style shooting setup
  • Homemade digital timer for my enlarger
  • Raspberry Pi web server
  • 100 web apps
  • Tape Loops
  • Soft focus portraits
Arduino plugged into laptop with components all over desk.
Day 1 of using Arduino

Completed Projects

Close up of red eye on still film