Blade Runner Replicant Eyes

November 3, 2020

Recreating Blade Runner Replicant Eyes with my wife Becky

I’ve wanted to recreate Blade Runner replicant eyes for a few years and have finally got around to it. I half-heartedly tried a couple of times in the past, buying the wrong things and setting up wrong. It turns out it was easier than I was thinking and I had the necessary materials lying around.

Although the original inspiration is a movie, my aim was to shoot photographs on film.


Koh Samui, back in 2016

October 12, 2019

When we lived in Sydney I bought 3 Canon EOS film cameras for about £25. I still use the EOS 50E, I gave one to a photography assistant there and the last one I gave Becky to use. I gave her a roll of cheap film and a lend of ones of my lenses (probably the nifty fifty) and she shot a roll when we met up with my parents in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Grenery near our accommodation

We both forgot all about it when we got back – and seeing as she hadn’t used the camera since – the roll was left in the camera, undeveloped. I finally found it when I was looking at the camera when going through equipment for a shoot.

My dad and me, fishing at Top Cat's

With my home darkroom, it’s so easy to chuck an extra roll in with the rest and here are some of the results. I developed, scanned and coloured these, but Becky took them!

We visited Bangkok for a few days and then spent the majority of our time on Koh Samui. Thailand was a weird trip and I’m not in any rush to go back, but have some fond memories and glad I got to visit when we were living not too far away.

Me napping :)

I took some photographs when we were there too, I posted one a while back.


Italian Honeymoon Part 1

August 23, 2018

The attic room in our villa in Limone, Lake Garda.

I had a wonderful honeymoon travelling Italy with Becky. We flew into Milan, and travelled north-to-south throughout June. Our wedding was at the end of January but we wanted to wait for better weather.

I think it’s best to skip the places I didn’t take pictures, like Gardaland and Rimini and so on, to keep this as a visual diary. I wanted freedom from a bulky camera sometimes so had to balance taking pictures and just focussing on the present (although I took lots of iPhone pictures too).

I like to take photos over the mountain ranges when crossing France and Switzerland into Italy. I think this is when we were above the Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso.

I’ve been to Limone, Lake Garda for many years now and love taking pictures of the view. Good memories from here.

Limone and Lake Garda was our first stop, as we know it well and couldn’t resist.

The waterfall behind the villas we stay at.

The waterfall is a great way to wake up: a cold and powerful shower to remind you that you’re alive.

Some snaps from Mogliano Veneto

After a short stay in the wilderness near Bassano del Grappa (we were staying in a cabin in the woods, but cut our stay short to one night because of the stormy weather), we had an impromptu stay at the charming town of Mogliano Veneto. We stayed at Hotel Villa Stucky, in a gorgeous room and had a relaxing time eating and drinking – and experiencing the Irish Festival which was taking place in the town’s main square beside where we were staying.

I’d love to hear about your experiences in the North of Italy. These were all taken on my (dad’s old) trusty Canon T70.

Did you travel anywhere nice this summer?

More soon!